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Zürich Overnight - Premium B&B

Additional information about our Bed and Breakfast

Additional Info

Our B&B is not sound proof, but we will make every effort to be as quiet as possible.

We are tolerant spirits and it is always possible that you will run into a naked man in the hallway..

We swim in the nude. If you’ve never experienced the sensual pleasure of sunbeams caressing your body, we have the place to finally indulge. The pool is almost entirely hidden from the outside world – we’ll be happy to show the appropriate private spots.

Let’s say you’ve met an attractive man somewhere. What now? Don’t worry, just bring him back to the B&B. Just please let us know the next day, pay the additional fees and we shall be happy to serve a delicious breakfast to you both.

Let us know your breakfast preferences the day before and we will prepare and serve it in the ground floor dining room or, weather permitting, on the covered patio.


It is forbidden to bring animals.


The Currency of Switzerland is Swiss-Franc.

We are happy to Euros seen. So are all our prices in Euro. Prices include fees and taxes.

Business Receipt?

Simply ask and we shall provide a business receipt.

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