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Zürich Overnight - Premium B&B

Where we are

  • Address:
  • Zurich Overnight B&B with view of Lake Zurich and the Alps
  • C.-F.-Meyerstrasse 25
  • 8802 Kilchberg by Zurich
  • Switzerland
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By plane:

If you want to spend money needlessly, then you take a taxi, but we advise you to the train. In the airport you follow the signs for "Rail Way". The airport train station is within easy reach. All trains traveling in the direction of Zurich main station can take you. We recommend however the S-Bahn.

Option I: S-Bahn line 24 (direction Zug) from the airport without having to change to the stop Kilchberg near Zurich. The 4 stop after the Central Station

Option II: S-Bahn-line S2 (direktion Ziegelbrücke) If you go with the S2, not get out at the Central Station, continue to the stop ENGE. (Second stop after the Central Station.) Change to the S24, (direction Zug) continue to the stop Kilchberg. (Second stop after ENGE.) Other trains, change at the Zurich Central Station. Description of the onward journey by train or bus, see below..

By train:

Zurich Main Station change to the S-Bahn line S8 or S24. The S-Bahn train S8 leave from track 31/32, (direction Pfäffikon SZ) the S24 from track 3. (direction Zug)Get off at the stop Kilchberg. Kilchberg is the 4 stop after the main station Zurich. How to find us see map above.

Continue by bus instead of train:

With heavy luggage, the better option.

Option I: At Zurich main change to the tram. From the stop "Bahnhofstrasse" line 11, direction to the lake or south . Get off at stop "B rsenstrassse". 2 minutes walk to B rkliplatz. With bus line 161 direction to "Kilchberg Kirche". At the stop "Auf Brunnen" get off. How to find us see map above.

Option II: Take the train (Train S8 or S24) to stop WOLLISHOFEN and change there to the bus 161. Stop is located on the lake side or left side of the station.

Travelling by car:

The navigation system will guide you on the highway bypass of Zurich. In Zurich-Wollishofen (Exit 33), or Thalwil (exit 34) you leave the highway. Description of the road see Map  >>

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